Using your own music for your event?

Rent my easy to use sound system!

✅ I Make It Easy.

Most sound systems look like the cockpit of a SpaceX rocket, but not mine!

Four knobs, clearly marked. Simple.

Your 6-year-old niece will be pumping out the jams in no time!

👍🏼 I Have Connections!

Complete iOS, Android, Bluetooth, Airplay, MP3 player, laptop… CD Player , classic iPod and cassette connections, too!

🔈 My High Powered Speakers

Loud enough to cover hundreds of guests but small enough to stay out of sight.

🎤 Let ’em hear you!

We’ve all occasionally seen but not HEARD those tear jerking toasts, jokes or karaoke moments. That won’t happen to you!

With my included microphone, you’re covered so your guests won’t miss a thing.

🔥 I’ve Got the Goods

All the cables, cases and extra goodies…you never have to worry about forgetting that special cable!

🚚 I offer FREE DELIVERY to greater Cincinnati!

I also ship all over the United States! One reusable box! Simple!

💸 The Price is Right!

Exactly what you need at a price that makes you dance!

💯 100% Money Back Guarantee

My Story

The need for this service came about when planning my own event.
I LOVE music and I wanted more control over the music (songs and volume), plus the ability to let others play some of their favs!

My friends and I had great music collections and both thought it would be even better if we could play our own music and have more control. Our loaded iPods and playlists were ready, we just needed a sound system to pump out the jams!

I just needed a few quality speakers and maybe a microphone. I called around to rent a sound system, but found I had to pick it up, set it up, plug everything in, tear it all down and return it by a certain time after the event. That’s not what I had in mind. I was looking for a much easier solution.

Being a musician and sound engineer myself, I have loads of experience providing audio for events and wedding receptions.

I set off to put together the perfect, small sound system with just the essentials such as connections for any type of device, great sounding speakers, and a microphone. The result was great and we saved a ton of CASH!

I refined and packaged a great, easy-to-use sound system, and now I’m offering it to other budget-conscious and music-obsessed humans like you!

Listen to what YOU want for less CASH and at least twice the fun!

Make your event the best it can be and reserve your sound system now!